A Couple of Things...

Posted by Shelly O'Boyle on 8/3/2019 9:05:00 AM

Fiscal Responsiblity
Have you seen our spiffy new Tahoe used for transporting students and staff?  Or our awesome new maintenance truck?   

Have you thought to yourself, why does the school district need such vehicles?  Or why am I paying for such expensive vehicles? 

I pose these questions to you because they were asked of me. Whenever I get such questions, I am sure that others are quietly wondering the same thing.  I feel it is my job to be transparent and explain any and all actions taken by the district.  

I believe that all of you understand the need to have a four wheel drive vehicle large enough to transport students and staff members but smaller than a large bus, so I will focus on the reason the district will have newer vehicles (on a 2-3 year replacement cycle) and vehicles with many options.  

Here is the reason in a nutshell:

The district is able to purchase a vehicle at New York State bid pricing which is a little more than half the market price and then turn around and sell it 2-3 years later at full trade in value.  In the end, this allows us to drive a vehicle that is under warranty, save money on replacement tires and repairs, and transport our students safely in a vehicle that costs the district very little money.  The art in this is making sure that you equip the vehicle with enough options to meet what consumers are looking for when they shop for a used vehicle and also watching trade-in values to determine if it should be traded in at the two or three year mark. 

This is yet another way in which administration is striving to meet the Board of Education Goal: Practice responsible budgeting by maximizing financial resources, and advocating for our district, while balancing student needs with a desire to ease the tax burden.

School Resource Officer (SRO) 
It is anticipated that we will have an SRO in place this September provided by the Chautauqua County Sheriff's Department.  

Facility Updates

Paving and reconstruction of MS/HS parking lot has been completed.  You can now enter the campus from Institute St.  The Academy St. entrance is open and now provides direct access to the main parking lot.   You will see that the loop by the main doors is marked "No Parking" in the fire lane and by the stop sign.  Vehicles should not enter the loop closest to the main doors.  This is for busses only.   If you need to come into the MS/HS building, please use the direct access driveway off of Academy, enter  the main parking lot and park in the new "Visitors Only" parking spots.   Mrs. Frederes will be providing parents with more specific instructions in the near future.  

Tennis Courts
Have you seen our new tennis courts located at the athletic complex at RHJ?  They were just recently painted and are awaiting net installation.  We are all happy that our Bears will be able to return home for practices and matches.  Please support our students by coming to watch them.   

Wooden Carved Bear
As soon as the tennis court is completely done and the area is reseeded, the wooden carved bear purchased by many of our groups will find its home.  I am excited to unwrap this awesome bear and display it in an area for all to see.   

Bus Garage/Public Restrooms/Concession Stand
The rainy spring and early summer weather slowed contruction on our new bus garage facility.  We are all pushing to make sure that the facility will be ready and functional for our first football game on September 20. 

Our football team will be in blue this year!!!!  Please come support our team as they showcase 8 man football.   Our first home scrimmage is September 20.   

To help with safety on Ivory St., we are moving the main entrance and main office to the athletic complex driveway side of the building.  The nurse and the main office are in the process of moving to this new location. 

Parent pick-up and drop-off will switch to using the driveway on the side of the building and the bus pattern will move to the "old" parent pick-up and drop-off location.  This will allow more parents to get on the school grounds and off of Ivory St.  The Special Education offices will be in the "old" main office location.  Mrs. Morrison will be providing more detailed information in the very near future.  

As always, please feel free to contact me with any questions or for further information.  I can be reached by calling (716) 569-7041, by emailing soboyle@frewsburgcsd.org, or by replying to this blog.  

Shelly O'Boyle