• Mrs. Reale Heidi Reale, Director of Technology
    (716) 569-7000

    Technology Vision
    We believe that for the students currently enrolled at Frewsburg Central School their living environment will be significantly different as advances in technology create changes in how they interact with society. If our graduates are to be successful we must develop a two-pronged initiative. First, we must ensure students are familiar and comfortable with existing technologies and can use this knowledge in practical applications, both in the workplace and for personal skills improvement. Secondly, and perhaps equally importantly, we must instill in students a resiliency to adapt to even further technological change and the ability to integrate and apply new technology into helping them meet their individual life goals, as socially responsible, digitally literate citizens. We believe that the learning environment should integrate the instruction and use of technology into all academic areas as opposed to teaching technology in isolation. Our changing society and workplace demand citizens who can take responsibility for their own learning and well-being. Technology is key to allow for differential instruction in which students work and learn at various paces. While all students receive the same broad base of knowledge, each would have the ability to individualize their personal level of expertise in areas of academic interest and reach beyond the confines of traditional education to broaden his/her horizons.


    Technology Goals

    1. Ensure that all students use technology to improve academic achievement;
    2. Ensure that all teachers are able to integrate technology into the curriculum and use data driven instruction to improve student achievement and meet New York State Learning Standards in all content areas;
    3. Ensure that all professional staff members use technology effectively and efficiently in their teaching and workplace tasks;
    4. Technology will be used to enhance communication and interaction with parents, families, and community as well as increase building security for students;
    5. Provide administration, faculty, staff, and students, with the most appropriate and up-to-date technologies necessary for them to acquire their highest potential.