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     Welcome to the Frewsburg Central School District

    I am both humbled and honored to be the superintendent of the Frewsburg Central School District.  This is a job that comes with the tremendous responsibility of leading a district of over one hundred fifty adults who all work together for the good of our eight hundred students.  It is a job that I take very seriously in order to make sure that each student is safe and receives a high-quality education.  My goal is to provide all Frewsburg students with a caring, engaging, quality learning environment while preparing them for success no matter what path they choose upon graduation.

    I strongly believe that building strong relationships with all members of the Frewsburg community is one of the most important responsibilities of the superintendent. To that end, you will find me in attendance at events and activities that our students participate in throughout the district.  You will also see me out and about frequenting events and establishments within the community.  Please feel free to come up to me and introduce yourself.   Working together, we can strengthen every aspect of our fine school district.  I value input from everyone and will be seeking your thoughts, opinions, and ideas.  Please know that every decision that I make will be based on what is best for our students.

    I appreciate the opportunity to lead this district, and I look forward to working with the faculty, staff, and community to advance and celebrate the school district’s future accomplishments.

    Shelly O'Boyle


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Superintendent's Blog

  • Holiday Message and Updates

    Posted by Shelly O'Boyle on 12/21/2018 10:00:00 AM

    Merry Christmas Picture

    The Frewsburg Central School District would like to wish you a wonderful holiday season that is filled with peace, joy, and love.  We are extremely fortunate to have a community that values its school. A partnership such as this truly benefits our children.

    A couple of updates for you…

    MS/HS Principal
    In my July blog post, I was excited to announce that Mrs. Frederes was going to assume the position of Interim MS/HS Principal.  I further stated that we were running a trial of having only a single administrator cover the building.  After running this trial period, we realized two things: Mrs. Frederes was definitely the person to be appointed as the permanent MS/HS principal and, given the number of discipline referrals, we needed to provide her with some assistance. However, instead of hiring a MS/HS assistant principal at a cost of approximately $75,000 (this includes salary and benefits), a Dean of Students was appointed at a stipend amount of $5,125.71. The Dean of Students position was able to be coupled with our in school suspension (ISS)  supervisor.  We were able to save money and appoint an existing staff member, Mr. Adam Loftus, as the Dean.   Please help me in congratulating Mrs. Frederes and Mr. Loftus!!

    A contract is in place with the Town of Carroll and the SRO positions have been posted.  Chief Nelson and members of the district will be interviewing candidates in the beginning of January.  

    As always, should you have any questions please do not hesitate to reach out to me.  

    Merry Christmas, 

    Mrs. O'Boyle



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  • Superintendent's and Principal's Student Cabinet

    Posted by Shelly O'Boyle on 10/29/2018 2:30:00 PM

    Dear High School Parents/Guardians and Students:

    Among the joys of my position as superintendent is the opportunity to visit classrooms and come away with a first-hand glimpse of teaching and learning.  It remains important for me to keep a pulse on instruction in order to understand the needs of our district and to properly fulfill my responsibilities as superintendent.

    I also recognize that there is much to learn from the students whom we serve.  To that end, I am looking to create a forum in which students can meet with the superintendent to engage in meaningful discussions.  Mrs. Frederes, HS Principal, will also be joining me. This forum will be called the Superintendent's and Principal's Student Cabinet.  The Cabinet will be comprised of up to 12 students, representing grades 9-12.   Meetings will be scheduled on a monthly basis in the multi-purpose room during lunch periods.

    If this is an opportunity you believe your daughter/son might wish to consider, I invite your child to complete the brief applicaton form located below and submit it to my office by Friday, November 16.  Mrs. Frederes and I will read every application and make the selections.  

    Application Form

    Thank you for your consideration.  


    Mrs. O'Boyle

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  • An Exciting Time, Welcome 2018-2019

    Posted by Shelly O'Boyle on 8/23/2018 11:35:00 AM

    It is hard for me to believe that summer is coming to an end, and we are about to start a new school year. I am excited to begin 2018-2019 and wish to share my reasons with you. 

    Our district safety committee met regularly last year.  We reviewed and updated our district safety plan and our building level response plans. We practiced our drills, and we tightened our practices. We also looked to make improvements in two areas. The first area was Structural Deterrents:

    Structural Deterrents

    I am excited to announce that we will be partnering with the Town of Carroll to provide a Security Resource Officer (SRO) that will be present on our campus on a daily basis.  An SRO is a sworn officer assigned to a school on a long-term basis trained to perform three major roles: law enforcement officer, law-related counselor, and law-related educator.  Although we will not have this officer at the start of school, I am hopeful that this arrangement will be made in the very near future.  

    The second area that we looked at was Proactive Actions:

    Proactive Actions

    Being proactive is probably the most important area of focus, since it provides a healthy, safe environment for all individuals in a setting.  We have made one of our district goals to promote and create a safe school climate (located at home base in the following document).  

    Create and Promote Safe Climate

    The message at the top, ‘Welcome to Frewsburg where School and Community value Behavior, Excellence, Academics, Respect, and Sportsmanship. #Bearpride’ will be introduced this year.  These areas will be discussed with all adults and students.  We want everyone in our district and community to understand what the Frewsburg Bears are about.  Not only will we be talking about this, but we will be visually displaying this message in four areas:  the entrances of our buildings and at the entrances of our town.

    The bases represent our areas of focus for the upcoming years.  First base, creating a culture of respect and trust helps us to remember to be kind to one another.  Second base, creating a culture of diversity and acceptance helps us to value individuals.  Third base, culture of social emotional support keeps us vigilant and making sure we are all healthy.  

    Each person in our district will be empowered to create and promote a safe school climate where everyone is valued.  The administrators will work with their buildings and all adults and students to start shaping what the action items under each base looks like.   We want buy-in from everyone on our campus, so that means empowering and engaging every person to contribute to this vision. I will be setting the tone and vision for this on August 29.  The rest will be from the bottom up. Our district is committed to building upon an already great environment and making it even better!

    As discussed at our public Safety Meeting held on June 13, 2018, this year we will also be rolling out A.L.I.C.E training to our faculty and staff.  For more information on this training, please watch the video by clicking on the link.  

    If you have entered our MS/HS recently, you may have noticed the gradual “facelift” the building is receiving.  We are returning to school colors of navy blue and vegas gold.  Door frames and trim have been painted to reflect this.  Our new lockers have been installed and are also navy in color:


    As I write this, I am waiting to hear when the company is coming to change the center emblem on our gym floors from a panther paw to a bear paw.  I am hoping this will be done before the start of the year, but if not, the goal will be to have it completed prior to basketball season.  While I know that unifying the MS/HS colors with a coat of paint and changing an emblem on the gym floor and making sure our lockers match the trim may be cosmetic in nature, this is being done to instill an even greater sense of belonging and pride.   This does not have to be done by the best and most expensive enhancements. Instead, we can take our already good infrastructure and continually make improvements that show who we are. When you look your best, you do your best. Not only do the people coming into our building notice, but our students and our employees notice.   They begin to subtly realize that we are here for a purpose. They feel that things are being taken care of and ultimately, they are being taken care of. They want to be here. They want to belong. They want to stay. (P.S. RHJ is getting new baseboard and will soon be receiving their “facelift”.)

    The Phase 2 of our second capital project (2015-2016) is about to kick off with enhancements to our bus garage to include a concession stand and public restrooms, re-location of our tennis courts, paving of the high school driveway, ceiling and lighting in 4 RHJ classrooms, and bathroom renovations in two additional RHJ classrooms.

    Here’s another reason for my excitement...the MS/HS is getting a student branch of the Southern Chautauqua Federal Credit Union (SCFCU).  This means that a teller and FCS student interns will be located right in our building allowing student access to banking. The branch will be open Tuesday-Thursday from 10:00-2:00. Before you begin thinking that the Credit Union is doing this to drum up customers, please read the following information. The SCFCU is a Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) which is a financial institution that provides credit and financial services to underserved markets and populations. This certification requires the credit union to make a financial commitment to the community.  The Credit Union educates students to financially plan for the future. They do this by providing lessons to elementary students, encouraging students to save money and teaching them about fiscal responsibility. By the way, do you know that the Credit Union also gives a high percentage rate on student savings accounts?  For example, if a student was to save $5,700, the credit union matches this with $4,300. Here is a letter from John Felton, CEO, that addresses the mission of the SCFCU:

    Credit Union Letter

    The Credit Union curriculum will align nicely with Mr. Melquist's Business classes which will give our students first-hand experience in a real life setting. Did you also know that students who intern with the onsite tellers could end up getting employed by the Credit Union at an hourly rate of $15.00? Our students will also have the ability to gradually earn credit history and experience credit lines in a safe, educational environment as follows:  

    Credit Union

    In the area of technology, students in grades 3-6 will be getting new 1:1 devices in September, and the older devices from grades 3-6 will be given to UPK-grade 2. RHJ students will also have the opportunity to participate in First Lego League and Odyssey of the Mind lead by Mrs. Joan Waterman.   Please click on the links for more information about these great opportunities. Seventh and eighth grade students will all participate in four - ten week rotations of our new Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics -STEAM Academy. Look for more information on this from classroom teachers.

    I hope after reading this information you are as excited as I am to start the new school year.  There’s a lot of good things happening in the Frewsburg Central School District!! As always, I would love to hear from you.  Please stop me when you see me out and about at district events, feel free to call (716-569-7041) or email (, or respond to this blog post.  

    Here’s to a great year,

    Shelly O’Boyle

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  • MS/HS Changes

    Posted by Shelly O'Boyle on 7/10/2018 8:30:00 PM

    As you may have heard, Mr. William Caldwell has been appointed the Superintendent of the Ripley Central School District.  We thank Mr. Caldwell for the work he has done over the past three years and wish him success as he pursues this next step in his professional career!  His last day in our district will be Friday, July 13. Please be sure to stop in and give him your well wishes.

    I am excited to announce that Mrs. Tiffany Frederes, who currently serves as our assistant MS/HS principal,  has been appointed as the interim MS/HS principal. I know that I can speak for her when I tell you that she is already gearing up for a great 2018-2019 school year.  Please feel free to give Mrs. Frederes your words of congratulations by emailing her at or calling her at 569-7000. 

    You may be wondering why we have appointed an interim principal.  I would like to explain our actions so that you can be kept up-to-date.   First of all, to make sure that we are all beginning with the same understanding, an interim principal means a “temporary principal”.  

    With our current enrollment numbers, we would like to run a trial of having only a single principal covering the MS/HS and not replacing the assistant principal. Appointing an interim allows us to get a handle on the amount of staffing appropriate to meet the needs of this building. We will be delegating administrative responsibilities amongst the current administrators in order to improve efficiency in operations. The plan is to post for the permanent MS/HS principal position at the end of October.

    During the trial period, if it is determined that an assistant principal is necessary to fully handle responsibilities, then my recommendation to the Board will be to return to our current structure with an assistant principal and this position will also be posted. Please know that it is my overall goal to make sure that we continue to provide quality service and programming to our Frewsburg students, while balancing fiscal responsibility to our taxpayers.

    During these beginning months of school, I would greatly appreciate feedback from the community as to how this “one principal”  scenario is working. Do not hesitate to call me at (716) 569-7041, email me at, or reply to this Blog post.   

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  • Budget FAQ

    Posted by Shelly O'Boyle on 5/14/2018 9:00:00 PM

    Budget Frequently Asked Questions

    The following questions have been asked during the Frewsburg Budget Hearing or as I have talked to people while visiting establishments within the community.  I thought that it would be helpful to provide a frequently asked question blog post to share the answers.

    Have a question not answered below?  Please contact me at 716-569-7041, respond to this blog post, or post a message on Facebook.  I welcome the opportunity to have a discussion with you or provide an answer for you.

    Q.  Where does the money come from to support the budget?  


    63%   State Aid

    31%   Tax Levy

     3%   Appropriated Fund Balance

     3%   Miscellaneous Revenue


    The district’s financial status is heavily dependent on state aid which accounts for 63% - 65% of the district’s revenue each year.  Frewsburg received a 2.68% increase in state aid from last year. Keep in mind, however, how many items, with increasing rates, are in the budget that we do not have control over: health insurance rates, contractual salary increases, cost of fuel, etc.  These increases are far more than the increase seen in our state aid. The administrative staff worked to decrease the overall budget by $456,151 or (-2.61%) as compared to last year’s budget. However, in order to preserve programs, we are proposing an increase to the tax levy of 2.36%, which is slightly below the allowable tax levy increase.  Because the district is staying below the property tax levy cap, eligible home owners will receive a rebate check from NYS Tax and Finance next fall.

    Q. Why do salaries and benefits comprise so much of the budget?

    A. Education is a people business. It takes many people to create and maintain a safe and productive learning environment for nearly 800 children in two schools. Frewsburg employees teach, transport, coach, and care for the children of our community. They clean the buildings, mow the playing fields, order the supplies, and make the decisions so that our schools run effectively and efficiently. Frewsburg has nearly 150 employees, including many part-timers.

    Q. How is the annual school budget proposal developed?

    A. Developing a budget for a future school year is a year-round process. It typically begins in the fall with a review of the previous year’s expenditures and the educational priorities.  District administrators look at the cost of Frewsburg educational programs, the success of those programs, and how these programs align with the district’s priorities. Over several months, school building administrators also work with their teachers and support staff to develop individual building budgets and to identify program spending areas that could be more efficient. They share that information with our Business Manager, Jerome Lee Yaw, and me.  

    Other factors that have an effect on the annual school budget are considered and include increasing costs associated with meeting state and federal mandates, changes in state and federal aid, and economic trends that affect the local tax base. Contractual obligations, whether for employee bargaining units or service providers, are also taken into account and can be projected based on the commitments previously agreed upon. Other factors that come into play include enrollment data, special education needs, and the calculation of the district’s tax levy limit.

    A draft budget proposal is presented to the school board in February and again in March. In April, once the Executive Budget has been adopted, the Board of Education adopts a final budget for eligible district residents to vote on in mid-May.

    Q. Why does the district purchase buses every year?

    A. The district has adopted the practice of replacing it’s buses every 6 - 7 years.  It has been determined that if buses are kept longer than that, the value for sale or trade-in goes down drastically.  

    Additionally, after 6 - 7 years the maintenance cost of buses increases substantially.  There is also the greater chance of body deterioration due to weather conditions. 

    The NYS DOT inspects and approves all buses for use of transporting students.  The district prides itself on having a near perfect inspection passing percentage. The age of our bus fleet (7 years max) goes a long way in ensuring that all our buses pass DOT inspections and are available for use. More importantly, though, our buses are safe for our kids.

    Q. Why does the district purchase large buses instead of small buses?

    A. Although no longer a requirement, the district bus fleet ensures that there’s a seat on a bus for every student that is eligible for district transportation.  We recognize that not all students actually ride the bus, but we continue to have room on the bus for them.

    Remember, too, all of our buses are used for transporting students to various events, such as athletics contests and field trips. If we did not have full size buses, the district would be paying for multiple drivers to drive multiple small buses in order to get all of the students to the destination.  By having full size buses available for these purposes, the district saves the cost of multiple drivers.

    Additionally, the cost of a full size bus is actually not a lot more than a smaller bus, and the fuel efficiency is very similar.

    Q. Why do I see empty school buses?

    A. When you seen an empty school bus, it is likely just beginning or has just finished its pick-up route, or it may be a bus transporting students to schools out of the district.  Don’t forget, buses have high-back seats and high windows which may prevent you from seeing our smallest students.

    Q. What is the Proposition #3 Capital Reserve?

    A. Frewsburg voters previously approved the establishment of a Capital Reserve on May 16th, 2016. This reserve was set up to provide funding of the District’s Local Share of allowable future capital projects.  This proposal is asking voters for approval to use $189,044 from this reserve to pay the district’s required share of the Erie 2 Boces Capital Project. Lacking approval or if there was no reserve, the District will have to either use money from Fund Balance or finance it through Bonds.  

    Please exercise your right to vote tomorrow, May 15 from 2:00 PM to 8:00 PM in the lobby of the new gym. 



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  • 2018 Budget

    Posted by Shelly O'Boyle on 4/30/2018 7:00:00 PM

    On Tuesday, May 15th school district residents will have the opportunity to vote on the proposed 2018-19 school budget.  The district strives to provide our students with a quality instructional program and a variety of extra-curricular programs such as those highlighted in this newsletter.  The budget proposal reflects the careful consideration of the programmatic needs of the district while continuing to balance the need for fiscal responsibility and accountability to our taxpayers.

    The proposed 2018-19 budget is $17,741,437 which represents an overall decrease in spending of $476,151 or (-2.61%) from last year.  This year, our district is also benefitting from a very slight increase in state aid. This decrease in spending and slight increase in state aid allows us to remain slightly below the allowable tax levy cap of 2.4%.  The 2018-19 tax levy represents an increase of 2.36%. Because the District is staying under the property tax levy cap, eligible homeowners will receive a rebate check from NYS Tax and Finance next fall.

    Also on the May 15, 2018 ballot will be a proposition seeking voter approval to expend a gross sum not to exceed $189,044 from the Capital Reserve Fund for the purpose of funding the District’s portion of the Erie 2-Chautauqua-Cattaraugus- BOCES Capital Project. This is the final payment of two installments that the district is required to make. By using the funds from the Capital Reserve Fund, there will be no impact to taxpayers. Should you have any questions regarding this important proposition, please feel free to call me at (716) 569-7041.  

    Proposition #3 will be seeking voter approval to purchase three (3) diesel powered buses.  Continuing to replace our buses on an established replacement cycle provides us with good trade-in value.  This value, couple with state contract pricing, allows the district to be fiscally responsible to its taxpayers while maintaining a safe and reliable bus fleet.  

    In addition, voters will have the opportunity to select two (2) candidates to serve on the Board of Education. 

    We are pleased to present the spending proposal contained on the following pages for your consideration. The school district budget vote is Tuesday, May 15th from 2:00 p.m. until 8:00 p.m. in the lobby of the new gym.  Please exercise your right to vote.  

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  • Heartfelt Message

    Posted by Shelly O'Boyle on 2/15/2018 9:10:00 PM
    After learning the shocking news of the horrific attack in Florida, I have felt "rocked" to my core.  Although there have been many school shootings, I cannot explain why this one has been so impactful.  It might be the many videos that I have watched over and over again. It might be the fact that the school district seemed to do things to prevent this from occurring, and it still happened.   It might also be because I feel so strongly that children should feel safe, always, but, most especially, in school.  
    As we all struggle to understand the depth of this tragedy, some of our children are questioning and facing a range of emotions.  As always, please know that our counselors and psychologist are available to assist you should you need help in knowing how to broach this subject with your child.  Please feel free to call the school and ask to speak to one of them.  
    Most importantly, from my role as the leader of this district, I feel the need to assure you of all the measures we are taking to keep your children safe.  While we regularly practice drills, we are taking some extra measures to strengthen our process including reviewing our safety plan, reviewing how we handle reported incidents of threats, strengthening our proactive/preventitive programs, and providing students with an anonymous way to report atypical behavior and inappropriate social media posts.  We are also looking at how we are connecting with our students.  
    Unfortunately, we live in a time when there are no absolutes when it comes to safety - whether we are at work, school, church or even the movie theater; however, our strong partnership with law enforcement, as well as the positive relationships among our students and staff are key factors in making our school a safe place to be each day.
    Thank you for entrusting us with your most important assets.  
    As always, please feel free to comment on this blog post or contact me should you wish to discuss any concerns.  
    Mrs. O'Boyle
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  • Understanding Our Estimated State Aid

    Posted by Shelly O'Boyle on 1/23/2018 9:15:00 AM

    WJTN recently reported the following information:

    "Most Chautauqua County schools will benefit from Governor Cuomo's proposed 2018-19 budget.  In fact, all but three will see increases in their state aid if the budget is adopted as is...  

    State Assemblyman Andy Goodell's office released school runs for the county late yesterday and the overall increase is nearly $9.5-million.  The runs show that Jamestown will get the biggest increase -- $4.1-million -- but, about $3-million of that will be for building and building reorganizational incentive funding.  The next biggest bump in aid goes to Dunkirk, which would get nearly $1.5-million more in 2018-19.  Bemus Point is next with another $937,000.  However, there are three districts who will see reductions, led by Frewsburg, which is seeing a $139,000 cut."

    Though this information is accurate, it can cause unnecessary worry.  This blog post will attempt to explain where the Frewsburg Central School District stands right now.

    Schools base their early budget calculations on the state aid runs generated from the Governor’s Executive Budget. At this time of year, these runs contain estimate amounts in several categories as follows:

    Foundation Aid:  This is probably the aid that we, as a district, are most anxious to see, since it is the unknown number coming into our budget planning. Foundation aid is the largest and most important source of aid that supports our expenditures.  In an ideal world, foundation aid would equalize state aid based on a district’s wealth and student need.  In reality, this aid is calculated on a very involved formula that, most argue, does not properly equalize aid and does not account for the fact that it costs more to educate high need students.

    Our estimated 2018-2019 aid run shows an increase of $111, 212 (1.6%).  In past years, once the NYS budget has been adopted, we have seen a larger increase in Foundation aid.   We are hopeful that this will be the case this year.

    Universal Pre-Kindergarten Aid:  This is a set amount that has been allocated to educate the four year olds in our district.  This aid is the same every year.

    BOCES Aid:  Every time we purchase a service from BOCES, this includes sending our students there, we receive 84% aid back the following year.  At this time of the year, we know that this number may fluctuate since we may purchase services in the second half of this school year that will not be reflected in our January estimate. This aid fluctuated by (-)$84,798.

    High Cost Excess Cost Aid:  This aid is calculated by looking at the high need students in our district from the previous year and predicting that the students will be the same for the following year.  Obviously, high need students may move into or out of the district or current high need students may need more or less services causing this number to fluctuate.  Our amount fluctuated by (-)$4,610 on our aid run.

    Private Excess Cost Aid:  This aid is calculated by the number of students attending private schools like Randolph Academy.   Again this number can fluctuate by students moving into and out of our district or requiring this type of service.  Our amount fluctuated by (+) $8,154.

    Hardware & Technology, Software, Library, Textbook:  This aid is the amount that we get to purchase hardware, technology, software, library materials, and textbooks for our students.  This amount is dependent on student enrollment, so it also fluctuates. Our amount fluctuated by (+)$1,474.

    Transportation Aid Inc Summer:  Transportation aid is based upon estimated approved transportation operating expenditure multiplied by a transportation aid ratio.  This estimated amount fluctuates because of the summer transportation.  Different summers bring about different numbers of students requiring services.  Our amount fluctuated by (+) $48,584.

    Building + Bldg Reorg Incent:  This is aid based upon capital projects.  This is, by far, the biggest area of fluctuation since it is based upon the status of our capital projects.  The Frewsburg District will no longer receive aid on the capital project done in 1999.  In saying this, you have to understand that our district will no longer be paying principal or interest on this capital project, so the loss in this aid balances out the expenses that we will no longer have to  pay.  This aid fluctuated by (-)$219,216.  (You can see why I said that it is by far the biggest area of fluctuation.)

    Summary Points:

    1. All of the fluctuations noted above resulted in a net decrease of our overall aid by -$139,200.  
    2. This decrease in estimated aid is not concerning, since our expenses will also be reduced as a result of not having to pay principal payments or interest on our 1999 capital project.
    3. At this point in the budget planning, we are interested in looking at the amount of Foundation Aid projected for our district.   At this time, our Foundation Aid has increased by $111,212 (1.6%).

    Should you have any questions or wish further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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  • When One of Your Own Moves On to Another Position/Retirement, etc.

    Posted by Shelly O'Boyle on 12/22/2017 11:55:00 AM

    As superintendent, I am quickly beginning to feel like the matriarch of all of our Frewsburg employees. With this feeling comes many emotions, happiness with births, grief with deaths, concern for diagnoses, sadness with resignations- you get the picture.  When you begin to develop relationships with people, you want what is best for them even if that means that it is not the best for you.  Such is the case when you receive a letter of resignation or retirement.  Though internally, I am feeling a sense of loss and dread, I know that I must encourage all employees to seek opportunities that make sense for themselves and their families, even if that means sadness at losing them to positions outside our district or to the wonderful land of retirement.  

    Once I come to grips with this sense of loss, the next step is to determine if the position must be replaced.  I want to know if we can continue our level of programming without replacing it or if we can absorb this position or if we can find other creative ways to share this position.   Data is examined, administrators are consulted, and the Board is advised.  We subscribe to a methodology of putting children first in every decision we make, including personnel decisions.  Although this is the procedure followed with every vacated position, it is especially done with administrative positions, since popular notions about the number of administrators working in school districts tend to center on one perception: there are too many.

    I bring this up because most recently I received a resignation letter from our acting special education administrator, Mr. Matt Moore.  Mr. Moore has accepted a position with Erie 2 BOCES to begin on January 29. After going through the process described above, you will see that the decision was made to replace this position with a Director of Pupil Personnel Services (PPS).  This change in title will allow the person hired to oversee attendance, the school nurses, and the guidance office in addition to the special education department.  

    Why was the decision to replace this position and change the title made you ask?   Here are the reasons considered in making this decision:

    Services for Students
    Careful monitoring of in-district and out-of-district services for students with disabilities must occur in order to make sure that our students receive appropriate programs.  This administrator is responsible for conducting annual meetings on all of our students with disabilities along with all of the Section 504 meetings for all students in our district.  In addition to these yearly meetings, the Director is responsible for conducting re-evaluation meetings on each student with a disability once every three years.  Initial referral committee on special education (CSE) meetings will be lead by this Director when students are suspected of having a disability or when previously classified students move into our district.  This administrator will also be responsible for conducting committee on preschool special education (CPSE) meetings (initial, annual reviews, and re-evaluations)  for all students age 3-5.  Following all of these meetings, an individualized educational program (IEP) must be written for all of the staff to follow.  

    Parent Liaison and Compliance Officer
    This administrator also acts as the district liaison for parents.  There are many regulations and laws associated with special education and Section 504.  The Director will field concerns from parents and teachers in making sure that IEPs are followed and that the needs of our students are being met.  This is an important role, since it is proactive in avoiding expensive law suites that can occur if the district is complacent or not monitored by someone who knows these Regulations and laws.  Law suites aside, we want our students taken care of and our parents proud of our district.  

    Revenue and Budgeting
    Did you know that special education is a valuable source of revenue for the district? The Director will monitor and submit medicaid billing and requests for reimbursement through the System to Track and Account for Children (STAC) through the NY State Education Department.

    State Reporting and Federal Compliance
    Unfortunately, along with State and Federal reimbursement comes many required reports and data tracking. This position will be responsible for submitting all reports and providing data to the business official and the superintendent.

    Strategic Planning
    It goes without saying that we would like to keep all of our students in our schools. However, sometimes we must look to other places for services that we do not have.  The Director will be responsible for monitoring, planning for, and determining how best to serve our students. They will look at the number of students we have and determine if we can bring our students back to district or find a shared classroom or a BOCES placement, etc.  This person will be responsible for developing our special education curriculum and transition program in conjunction with Mrs. Patti.  

    Attendance, Guidance, and School Nurses
    This position will bridge the elementary and MS/HS departments for a district-wide approach to attendance, guidance, and school nurses.  Why is this important?  Because our state aid is dependent on student attendance, yet no one currently oversees the attendance officers.   

    I have listed just a few of the reasons that I have presented to the Board of Education  as justification to replace this position with a changed title and with a full time person. Please note, this is not adding an administrator, it is replacing a vacated position.  I would invite you to look at the posting that includes a detailed job description.   

    Should you have any further questions regarding this position, please feel free to contact me at 716-569-7041 or by email at

    Happy New Year and I am sure you will join me in wishing Mr. Matt Moore the best in his next endeavor.  

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  • Communication- An Important Goal

    Posted by Shelly O'Boyle on 12/16/2017 8:55:00 AM

    Have there been times when you hear something about our district that you didn’t know to be true and wondered when and how that particular piece of information happened?  There is nothing quite as frustrating as not knowing, especially when the not knowing should have been communicated. In every organization, there are moments when a person hears or reads a piece of information and they say, “how come I didn't know about this?”.  It is extremely important to me to make sure that we are communicating to our community so that the incidences described above are far and few between. I thought that this blog post should focus on ways in which we communicate with you. Did you know that community involvement is one of the Board of Education goals?   

    Board of Education Meetings
    Given the fact that all of us are short on time and need to ration how we devote our time, attending Board of Education meetings may not be at the top of your priority list, especially if you are happy with how your elected Board members represent the community.  However, it is at these meetings that major decisions regarding the district are made. Typically, I will bring forward a major issue facing the district and supply the Board with data and a recommendation to solve the issue. This allows the Board to discuss the matter in detail, ask additional questions, and either give me the go ahead to proceed or request that I move forward in a different manner.  Board meetings are held the second Thursdays of the month at 6:30 pm. Most meetings take place in the Multi-purpose room located to the left of the library in the MS/HS. We welcome your attendance.

    School Website
    The district has gone through great lengths to update the school website. The objectives of the update were to make information current and user friendly.  The website was also designed to give people outside of Frewsburg a glimpse of who we are and why we are so special.  Please bookmark and visit it frequently. The Spotlight area at the bottom of the homepage will feature newsworthy items of interest.

    Superintendent Blog Posts
    Obviously, you must already be aware of my blog if you are reading this post. My posts will be both informational and reflective in nature. Why blog? I feel strongly that blog posts allow you to get to know a person and their values through their writing. I want you to know me and my commitment to this district. It is also helpful to publish something that explains why and how decisions are made. When I update my blog, I will post something on social media (see below how to get these notifications) directing you to my webpage.  

    Another way that you can receive information comes in the form of our Newsletters. You can find our quarterly newsletters on our website. You can also pick up/read a hard copy at the Dinner Bell, Carroll Town Hall, and the Myers Library. Additionally, you can request that the newsletter be mailed to you by contacting the MS/HS office.

    Please like us on FaceBook (@frewsburgcsd) and follow us on Twitter (@fcsbears). You can also follow me on Twitter (@ShellyOBoyle). School events, highlights, and happenings throughout the district are posted to these social media accounts.  

    Good Ol’ Fashion Communication
    Of course, there is still the form of good ol’ fashion communication- a phone call or face to face conversation. I am out and about in the community and at many school events. Come up to me at these events or pick up the phone and call me at 716-569-7041. I would be happy to schedule a time for us to talk.  

    We need you to provide us with insight to help us become better. If you have other ideas on how the district could communicate in an effective manner, please comment on this blog post or contact me at the district office (716-569-7041).  We also need you to be an active partner seeking out the information in order for our information to get to you. Thank you in advance for your efforts.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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