• School Volunteers

    Volunteers are persons who are willing to donate their time and energies to assist building principals, teachers, and other school personnel in implementing various phases of school programs.  Volunteers will serve in that capacity without compensation or employee benefits except for liability protection under the District's insurance program.  

    To become a volunteer, please do the following:

    1. Complete a Volunteer Application
    2. Return the Volunteer Application to the building principal

    The building principal will forward his/her decisions concerning selection, placement and replacement of volunteers to the Superintendent for final evaluation.  Following approval from the Superintendent, volunteers selected for work in the District will be placed on the list of approved volunteers.  However, the Superintendent retains the right to approve or reject any volunteer applications submitted for consideration. 

    Volunteers for the district's athletic program will provide a copy of their current First Aid and CPR Certification prior to Board of Education approval.  


    Student Teachers/Interns should complete the same application and follow the steps above.