MS/HS Principal

  • Mr. Joshua Gilevski, Principal
    (716) 569-7055

    Dear Frewsburg Families,

    Before I even introduce myself, I want to say how excited I am to have the opportunity to become a part of the Frewsburg Central School family.

    My name is Josh Gilevski, and I am fortunate to be able to call myself the new MS/HS Principal at Frewsburg. As far as my professional life is concerned, I started my career as a school counselor and have spent the last 12 years in administration. I attended Frewsburg MS/HS (Bear for Life!) and received my college education from St. Bonaventure University. Personally, my wife Shannon and I live in Frewsburg, along with our four children – Grace (13), Graham (10), Greta (8), Griffin (6).

    During the interview process, I was asked a number of questions that I have been able to reflect upon further. One question that stuck out, and one I’ve continued to reflect upon throughout the last month is - “What do you think that you can bring to Frewsburg School District?”. First of all, I’ve been really lucky to be able to work extensively with both middle and high school students in a number of different capacities. I have been a principal at both levels, I’ve coached at both levels, and I continue to develop different skills and strategies to be as effective as possible with middle and high school-aged students. I’m excited to work alongside you and share some of my experiences and learn about your experiences. Second, I care very deeply about discovering ways to engage students in their school and school community. You will catch me at most of our athletic and extra-curricular events. Please stop and introduce yourself to me and tell me what you think! It is paramount to hear from our community whenever possible.

    I see my role as being a constant support for the staff and students at Frewsburg as we forge a path toward a bright future. I also will strive to be a constant, positive presence within our school community - someone who communicates our shared mission and is available to our students and staff at all times. One of my main goals is to listen and learn about the successes you’ve all been a part of at Frewsburg and to work with you all on making Frewsburg Central School the very best experience for our students and for the staff.

    To help achieve this, I want you to feel free to communicate directly with me. If you have a problem, and you’re not able to resolve it with the faculty member, coach, or advisor who is directly involved, please call my office at 716-569-7055 or email me at I assure you that by working together we can overcome almost any issues that may arise.

    I’m really excited to be a Bear (again), and beyond thrilled to begin in this role. I’m always available to you if you need to reach me at my contact info above. I am also available for a cup of coffee and a conversation if you are interested! Until then, take care, enjoy what’s remaining in this school year, and I look forward to meeting each of you soon.

    With a ton of BEAR PRIDE,

    Josh Gilevski, Frewsburg MS/HS Principal


    A PDF copy of this letter can be found here.