Welcome Prospective Students!


  • Welcome to the Frewsburg Central School District! 

    Families moving into the Frewsburg Central School District who wish to register children are asked to call the District Registrar, Mrs. Hair, at (716) 569-7026 to make an appointment to enroll or for general registration information. 

    All children between the ages of six and twenty-one, who have not yet graduated from high school and who are residents of the Frewsburg Central School District, have a right to attend the schools within the District.  The District may request the documents listed below when determining whether your child is eligible to attend school within the Frewsburg Central School District.

    Documentation to establish age:

    Primary consideration will be given to the following documentation:

    • Certified birth certificate
    • Certified baptism records

    If neither a certified birth certificate nor baptism record is available, the District will consider the following as evidence of a child’s age: 

    • Passport
    • Official driver’s license
    • Government issued identification
    • School photo ID
    • Consulate ID
    • Hospital or Health records
    • Other government issued documents showing age, including court orders and custody papers
    • Records from non-profit international aid agencies

    Documentation to establish residency:

    Primary consideration will be given to the following documentation:

    • Signed residential lease agreement for property within the District
    • Home mortgage document or other proof of ownership of residential property within the District
    • Sworn and notarized statement from a landlord or other property owner that family resides at property within the district

    If you are unable to obtain the documentation listed above, the District will consider the following documents:

    • Pay stub
    • Income tax return
    • Utility bill
    • Membership document for organization requiring residency
    • Documents issued by the Federal, State or local government (e.g. Department of Social services, Office of Refugee Resettlement, etc.)
    • Evidence of custody (e.g. court order, guardianship papers, etc.)

    *The District reserves the right to require verification of any documentation provided.  Enrollment will not be delayed during the verification process.