Skelton's Students in ELA


    Welcome to Mr. Skelton's ELA Classroom!!


    8th Grade Supply List:

    2 Plastic Folders with Prongs (preferably yellow folders)

    at least 3 highlighters

    Extra Credit:  Boys-a package of post it notes; Girls-a box of tissues 


    8th Grade Units of Study:

    Inside Out and Back Again and the Universal Refugee Experience

    To Kill a Mockingbird and Taking a Stand with The Golden Rule

    Unbroken and Japanese American Relations during WWII

    The Omnivore's Dilemma and Healthy Families in America 

    The Outsiders


    9th Grade Supply List:

    at least 3 highlighters

    a package of sticky notes

    1 Hard Cover 1.5 inch binder

    a package of dividers

    good supply of pens, pencils 


    9th Grade Units of Study:

    Mini Writing Units on Security vs. Privacy, Abolishing the Penny

    Whirligig and The Odyssey as Hero Journey

    Romeo and Juliet with Fate and Responsibility

    Authors and Artists Independent Study

    The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks and Medical Ethics

    Into the Wild and Hubris, Choice, Free Will

    The Absolutely True Diary of a Part Time Indian and Identity


    Please consider the use of Parent Portal to check grades and missing assignments.  Also, most of my coursework will be done through Google Classroom.  However, most of my graded assignments will be turned in on paper.