Welcome to Mrs. Story's Home Page



    Hello! Welcome to my web page!

    My name is Adrienne Story. I will be your child's  Social Studies teacher this year. I have taught at Frewsburg Central School for nearly 30 years. I graduated from FCS, and I live in the FCS District. I have 2 adult children and 1 adult stepchild, along with 1 granddaughter. They all graduated from FCS, with the exception of my grandchild who is still attending FCS (7th grade).  My mother taught at this district for over 25 years! As a matter of fact, her 4th grade classroom is right across the hall from where I am teaching now!! I guess you could say I have a lot of history here at Frewsburg!

    I love this school district.

    My minor in college was art, and my hobbies are reading, writing, singing, swimming, gardening, and painting. I find history fascinating, and I feel  privileged to teach your child the history of New York State.

    I hope you will follow us on this website throughout our journey as I keep you updated on what we are learning and doing in our SS Classroom.


     Please contact me with any concerns or questions you have and I promise I will get back to you in a timely manner.









                                      Class Schedule

    A Day: Art, AIS Math w/ Mrs. Galati

    B Day: Music, Swimming

    C Day: Art, Share Day, Math "Pull-Out" w/ Miss Eckman

    D Day: Gym, AIS Math w/ Mrs. Galati, Writing Program w/ Mrs. Lobb

    E Day: Library

    F Day: Gym, Computer Class