Board of Education Goals

  •  Student Achievement

    Board of Education Goal:  Strive to create a positive learning environment by providing students and staff with the tools, training, and facilities needed to promote continuous student growth

    We are committed to:
    Flexible, dynamic academic structures that meet the needs of all students

    We will:

    • Support educational programs that foster higher scholastic excellence for all levels of student achievement (high, middle, low)
    • Support programs that actively engage students in learning
    • Support the use of outside resources to reach higher standards of success for all
    • Support varied pathways to reach individual goals
    • Encourage programs that develop critical thinking and problem solving skills
    • Support multiple ways of evaluating student achievement
    • Expect changes in instructional practices that are based on documented student need (analysis of data)
    • Expect continuous improvement plans from each building which will be shared with the Board and the community

     Community Involvement

    Board of Education Goal:  Improve community support of the district by promoting its positive attributes, maintaining open lines of communication, and encouraging parent and community member involvement

    We are committed to:
    Working in partnership with the community to enrich educational programs and create a true community school

    We will:

    • Encourage shared problem solving and shared planning with the community
    • Involve parents, students and community representatives in the decision making process
    • Encourage school-community partnerships
    • Support the continued and expanded use of our facilities for community functions on a year round basis


    Board of Education Goal: Practice responsible budgeting by maximizing financial resources, and advocating for our district, while balancing student needs with a desire to ease the tax burden

    We are committed to:
    Providing a school budget that supports quality educational programs which meets the needs of our students and staff

    We will:

    • Strictly adhere to all laws and regulations governing the use of public funds
    • Ensure that all of our educational, maintenance, and transportation programs are kept intact while keeping the average tax rate change at a minimum
    • Monitor fiscal issues to ensure the long term financial stability of the district, including prudent management of fund balance and reserves
    • Consistently monitor district spending to ensure alignment with established budget
    • Be transparent in the creation and execution in all aspects of our budget


    Board of Education Goal:  Enhance and maintain district facilities to support innovative teaching and learning in a safe environment and promote community participation

    We are committed to:
    Creating and maintaining a structurally sound, technologically savvy, and inviting environment for all students and staff

    We will:

    • Provide facilities that are safe and healthy which are clean and in good repair
    • Provide up-to-date facilities that complement current and future educational needs
    • Provide an environment where all students and staff feel supported and valued
    • Provide the necessary instructional materials, equipment and personnel to implement all Board approved programs


    Board of Education GoalInfuse technology throughout the district to enhance productivity of all students and all employees

    We are committed to:
    Creating a wide range of technological opportunities to prepare students to live and work in a digital age and to allow all employees to work efficiently

    We will:

    • Expect all decisions made regarding technology to be educationally sound and based on the educational welfare of the students
    • Expect all decisions made regarding technology to be fiscally and logistically responsible
    • Support professional development targeted to supporting technology use
    • Promote a learning culture that encourages curiosity and critical examination of online resources and fosters digital literacy and media fluency