Welcome to Mrs. Smith's Kindergarten Classroom

  • sunshine This will be my 14th year teaching kindergarten, and I love it.  The transformation of each child during the course of the year is my favorite thing.  One year I had a grandmother tell me, “I sent you my baby, and you sent me home a little lady.”    Wait until you experience the transformation yourself...you will be amazed! 

     (It doesn’t happen overnight, though, and there will be some challenging times during the year.  Your child will be exhausted and ornery and excited and blissful and he/she will be learning so much that they will seem overwhelmed.)

     Prior to moving to kindergarten, I taught first grade for six years and second grade for one year.  Kindergarten is completely different from every other grade in the school.  Because the children learn and grow so much during the course of the school year, it is important that we learn to work together. 

    My goal is to communicate often with each family.   I feel this is the best way to help each child reach his/her potential.  Learning about your child from you makes the biggest difference.  We can communicate in any way that works best for you and your family (calls, texts, emails, conversations.)   Texting was by far the most popular method last yeathree dogs r. 

    I am sure it is scary to send your child off to spend seven hours a day with someone else.   I want you to get to know me like I want to know your child. 

    Here is a little bit of information to help you get to know me.

    My husband Dave and I live in Gowanda, where he is now the Mayor.  As an administrator for over 20 years, he is happier now than he has ever been as the Dean of Students for Gowanda Central School dealing with grades 5 – 12.   He and I have very similar beliefs about working with children.  Every decision that we make is with their best interests in mind. We are very involved with our church and I have now joined our church's prison ministry that my husband was already involved in.

    Dave and I have four children between us.  My daughter Megan is married to Jerrod Peterson. They live and work in North Carolina.  My son Matthew works locally.  Dave has two children also.  Greg lives in Florida and is a research lawyer.   Kaitlyn lives in the UK and is going to college there.  This prompted us to get passports and travel outside of the US for the first time. We have three dogs: an Australian Shepherd, a Border collie, and a Collie.  We have spoiled dogs, since all of the kids are out of the house.

    Working together with you and communicating often will hopefully make this a great experience for both you and your child.  It is important that LEARNING and FUN go hand in hand.

    You may have seen the garden that we started two years ago at school.  It has been a dream of mine for many years.  We have had a lot of success in getting things to grow.  Our Kindergarten team had attempted a Salsa Garden and a Stir Fry Garden this year to have a plan for what we produced.  The Fourth Grade planted several beds also and they donated many vegetables to the Food Pantry in town.   There is a Sensory Garden as well where you can touch and smell several different plants.  (For a little while you could also see baby bunnies.)  If you have gardening knowledge, please feel free to share it!

    Please remember that it is very helpful to learn about your child from you; you know them best, so feel free to contact me whenever you have a question or concern.   We will be setting the groundwork for all future learning experiences and we want to make sure the future is bright!  
    Feel free to call, or email anytime you need to:
    School phone:  716-569-7000.  Ext: 5131
    Frewsburg email : @frewsburgcsd.org
    Use prefix: jsmith2

    I am usually at school by 7:30 and I stay until at least 4:00.    The classroom phone will not ring during the day, but you can leave a message.  I check my email first thing in the morning and at the end of the day for sure.  During the day it is hit and miss, depending on how things go.

    I am expecting a great year!