Personal Finance

  • Welcome to Personal Finance!  Below is my course syllabus.  For this class, you will need your school laptop.  A pen/pencil and a small supply of scrap paper may be useful as well.

    My course syllabus is below.  For more detailed information, please check in Google Classroom.




    • Quizzes will be given multiple times throughout each chapter and unit/chapter tests will be given at the end of each chapter.
    • Classwork will be done in class (ideally, anyways). I don’t plan on assigning homework in this class, but I reserve the right to do so if needed.
    • Work Habits will reflect the student’s general performance and will consider the following: doing assignments on time, working hard in class, staying attentive and productive.  This is essentially a summary of your performance in my class versus what it takes for you to reach your maximum potential in my course.


    Grading Policy

    Tests and Quizzes – 60%

    Classwork / Homework – 30%

    Work Habits – 10%


    Classroom Expectations

    1. Be Prompt

    Students should be seated and ready to begin working when the bell rings.  40 minutes is not very much time, so we need to maximize what little time we do have.


    1. Be Prepared

    Bring your laptop (and charger) and a pen/pencil every day.


    1. Be Polite

    Together with Mr. Jagoda, it is the students’ responsibility to help create and maintain this culture for themselves and their peers.  That being said:

    • Respect each other
    • Respect yourselves
    • Respect Mr. Jagoda

    Any rudeness, cruelty towards others, bullying, etc. will not be tolerated.  Disruptive behavior, or any behavior that takes away from the learning environment could result in a student being removed from the classroom for the remainder of the period.


    Disciplinary Consequences

    A student that is off-task or disruptive to the learning environment in Mr. Jagoda’s room will be addressed regarding the behavior.  If the problem persists, student may have their seat moved or be sent to ISS for the remainder of the period.



    If you are absent, it is your responsibility to ask about what you missed and to complete it within 2 days for each day absence, as stated in the student handbook.