school supplies

Please make sure you have the following:

  • Due to Covid-19 restrictions, it is important that items are not shared amongst students; therefore, I am asking that each student supply the following:


    • 1-1/2" binder (any color) with notebook paper added
    • 1 pack of dividers  (at least 5 tabs)
    • 1 pack of colored pencils (at least the 12 pack size)
    • 1 pair of scissors
    • 1 package of pencils (at least 12) 
    • 1 package of pens (8-10 of blue or black ink)
    • 4 glue sticks
    • 2 highlighters (any color is fine)
    • 1 box Kleenex (travel size is fine - for own personal use) or 1 large box for classroom - extra credit points
    • 1 pair headphones


    Please place smaller items in a large (gallon size) zip lock bag with your name on it.  


    Thank you for your cooperation, and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at