Remote Plan

  • Level 3 - Remote Only (Click)

    Level 3 will be utilized if an Executive Order closes our schools.

    Explicit Expectations for Remote Instruction

    The primary mode of instruction for grades K-2 will be in the form of paper packets delivered by the transportation department to students at home.  Supplemental online activities and videos will also be assigned.  3rd Grade will be a hybrid model utilizing both paper packets and digital instruction.  Completed work will be graded.  Assignments will be collected by the transportation department on a scheduled basis. 

    For students in grades 4-12 teachers will use a flipped classroom model.  Students will learn by watching instructional videos provided by their teachers.  On a rotating basis, such as an A/B daily model, teachers will hold Zoom sessions to meet with small groups, check for understanding, or reinforce a concept that students have experienced difficulty with. Instructional videos will be 1-1.5 minutes multiplied by the grade level in length (eg; 4th grade will have a six minute video). 

    Remote Only (Click) for Vulnerable Populations & Individuals Uncomfortable Returning to an in-person environment

    Parents will be given the option to choose remote instruction (click) in the event that they do not feel comfortable returning to in-person environment (brick).  This choice must be made by August 14, 2020 in order for class lists, schedules, and bus routes to be developed in a timely fashion. 

    Term Length of Voluntary Remote Instruction

    • This is a semester-long commitment grades K-12 (ends at semester break January 25, 2021). 
    • Families must commit to the entire length of time. If  a life altering situation arises, a scheduled meeting with the Superintendent will be  held to discuss circumstances.


    • Daily attendance is mandatory.
    • Parents are responsible to report their child as ill to the classroom teacher by emailing them directly if their child is unable to participate for the day. 
    • Teachers will provide a daily schedule for students in grades K-6. 
    • Guidance Department will provide a schedule for students in grades 7-12.

    Instructional Materials Provided by Frewsburg Central School District

    • Student laptop
    • Instructional packets (when appropriate)
    • Remote Instruction provided by a classroom teacher
    • Internet booster/hotspot for areas where internet access is unreliable*

    K-6 Instruction

    • Curriculum aligned with the NY State learning standards for English Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies.
    • Teachers will record their lessons and distribute through Google Classroom.
    • Special-area classes will be offered and include; Physical Education, Art, Music and Library.  
    • Virtual office hours will be made available with all teachers. A schedule will be provided by the classroom teacher and will depend upon the lesson taught.
    • Students will participate in all assessments required by New York State as well as benchmark assessments through NWEA (reading and math)
    • Grading will be consistent with in-person learning.
    • Independent work will be required.

    7-12 Instruction

    • 7-8 grade curriculum aligned with the NY State learning standards for English Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Studies. 
    • Intro to Spanish and Spanish I will be offered in grades 7 & 8.
    • Health will be offered in 8th Grade.
    • 9-12 grade aligned NYS curriculum to satisfy criteria for NYS Diploma.
    • Student schedules will be provided by the Guidance office.
    • Students will be expected to participate in all scheduled zoom meetings.
    • Teachers will record their lessons and distribute through Google Classroom.
    • Virtual office hours will be made available with all teachers. 
    • Students will be able to take JCC courses.

    Family Commitment

    • Attendance and work completion is mandatory.
    • Students and families need to maintain regular communication with assigned teachers.
    • Regularly check e-School for assignments and utilize Remind app
    • Communicate with teachers if you have questions or concerns.


    • If we are able to offer extracurricular activities, all students are eligible to participate in the activities available to students in their grade level. 

    Goal of Remote Instruction

    • Remote students will be able to transition into in-person instruction on January 25, 2021 at the same level of exposure and experience as their peers who have been instructed in the brick.  

    Considerations for Students without Internet Access

    Teachers will be expected to load video lessons on flash drives for students with no internet access.  These drives will be delivered by bus drivers.  The District is procuring mobile hotspot devices to be issued to families with unreliable or no internet access.  In the event we are in Level 3, these devices will be issued to students to use at home. 

    Remote Instruction

    Expectations for Students

    • Participate in all scheduled Zoom meetings (Be present, focused, engaged).
    • Daily attendance will be taken by your teacher. 
    • Do not schedule work, extracurricular activities, etc. during the school day. 
    • Complete assigned work by due date.
    • Check email daily. 
    • Utilize a designated place for study and ensure homework assignments are completed (NOT your bed).
    • Use your full name and be prepared to have your video turned on if requested.
    • Adhere to Code of Conduct.

    Expectations for Teachers

    • Teachers' workday remains consistent with language in the collective bargaining agreement (6 ½ hours). Prep period will be in accordance with the language in the collective bargaining agreement.
    • Regular checks will be conducted for understanding utilizing appropriate methods to support instructional objectives.  (This could be regular Zoom meetings with large or small groups, video submissions with feedback from the teacher, virtual class discussions where students comment on classmates’ posts, etc.)  
    • In lieu of duties, teachers are expected to hold daily ‘open office hours’ via Zoom, phone, or other communication method.
    • Lesson plans are required to be submitted to the building principal in accordance with the collective bargaining agreement.
    • Attendance and participation in Department meetings, faculty meetings, and committee meetings is required. 
    • Utilize the ‘Remind’ app to communicate with parents (this will be the district supported mode of communication).
    • Take attendance daily K-12 using eSchool.
    • Consideration of CDC recommendations is expected when developing lesson plans.

    Expectations for Parents

    • Participate in teacher meetings to discuss student progress or concerns (by phone or computer).
    • Contact teachers if there is an issue or concern. 
    • Understand that school is in session and the hours that students are required to attend have not changed-attendance will be taken (Grades K-12).  Parents will need to report their child’s absence during Remote or Hybrid instruction by notifying the teacher.
    • Ensure children attend school regularly and on time including participation in Zoom meetings and teacher phone conferences.
    • Provide a place for study and ensure homework assignments are completed.
    • Utilize ‘Remind’ app as the central source of communication regarding school announcements from teachers.
    • Regularly check eSchool to see what assignments are missing/due.


    Student attendance will be recorded daily when in a remote or hybrid model using our student management system (eSchool).  Parents will be required to report their child absent if they are not participating in Remote Instruction for the day.  

    Employee attendance will be recorded daily when in a remote or hybrid model.  In both scenarios, all employees will be required to punch-in, if applicable, and sign-in on the Google Doc labeled, ‘Visitor/Employee Sign-In’ log.   

    Technology & Connectivity

    The District will assess connectivity, reliance of internet, and access to high speed internet by surveying families with a follow up questionnaire to the one we conducted in March.  The District has purchased Kajeet devices to ensure a boosted and reliable connection for those families living in a rural area.  Additionally, the District has installed Wi-Fi in the parking lot at the High School for those that need a signal and are able to drive in for access.  Every student and teacher in our District has been provided with a device for instructional use.  For students with no access to the internet, the transportation department will deliver flash drives with pre-recorded lessons for them to watch.  This ensures that all students are able to fully participate.