• May the 4th be with you!

    Posted by Emily Mann on 5/4/2020


    It's May, and in the beginning of May is one of my favorite days! May 4th. Now, although this is just one day, the activities and fun listed below can be done all throughout this month! Have some fun and enjoy!!

    may the 4th be with you

    Here are a few fun activities for May the 4th, or any time during May for a true Star Wars Lover!

    star wars r2d2

    This website has a link to printable Star Wars themed sight word cards. Not only can you print this cards, but it also give some really great ideas to make learning sight words fun. 


    The following link will take you to a website for a Star Wars easy reader pack intended for kids ages 4-7. The printable has some fun reading and writing activities. 


    bb8 See below for some awesome printable Star Wars coloing pages!


    Who doesn't love LEGOs, see these fun C3PO and R2D2 LEGO designs in the link below!


    I always love a good joke! Check out these funny Star Wars jokes in the website below!


    may the fourth

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  • OT at home

    Posted by Emily Mann on 4/1/2020


    Hey everyone, I hope everyone is staying happy and healthy. 


    I wanted to put some information on here for apps for tablets and or other devices that can help practice and improve various skills. Apps are always a useful tool for down time and a break when the kids would like some time on their devices, and you would like their time spent working on skills they need to improve, and a bonus is that these are fun activities too!


     Apps for younger students that are FREE!

    1. 123 Color HD: premium version- This is a color by number for finger isolation and targeting

    2. 123 Zoo- This app freatures numbers, for counting, writing numbers, and a game reinforcing number concepts. 

    3. Wow! Doodle HD- Tracing straight lines to a variety of shapes, drawing simple parts on to animals and free drawing.

    4. Button Board- Matching colors, finger isolation, and visual motor control

    5. Let's Trace App!-Visual Motor integration app that presents simple strokes and shape drawing in developmental progression.

    6. Kids Puzzles games for toddlers (Animal jigsaw for children 2-4)- This app promoted finger isolation and targeting while working on visual perceptual and visual closure skills. 

    7. Shapes Builder-educational tangram- This app works on finger isolation and visual problem solving. 

    8. Little writer- This app allows kids to trace letters with auditory and visual feedback that alerts them when they are demonstrating correct and incorrect letter formation. It also assists with practicing tracing shapes and numbers. 

    9. My Little Suitcase-This app works on visual memory and allows for up to 4 players. Kids have to find the matches for all of the items they are going to pack in their suitcase and then guess where they will be traveling. 

    10. Little Finder- This app works on figure ground skills in visual perceptual improvement, there is an option for two players as well!

    11. Doodle Buddy- This is a drawing app that offers different colored pens, stamps, shapes, text, and various backgrounds for the kids to choose from. 

    Joy Doodle-This app allows kids to draw, doodle, and write in bright, glowing, neon colors!


    Apps for older students that are FREE!

    1. Train the Brain-Coordination- This app works on promoting skills just as bilateral coordination, and hand eye coordination skills as well as grading motor movements. 

    2. KanDo: Fine Motor Skills Measurement- This app works on hand eye coordination skills, finger dexterity, steadiness, and quickness to achieve the highest possible scores working on reaction times. 

    3. Dot Chase-This app works on reaction time, visual focus, as well as hand eye coordination. 

    4. Flow Free-This app working on visual tracking, finger isolation, and problem solving

    5. Highlights Hidden pictures Puzzle Play- This app works on figure ground skills in visual perceputal functioning. 

    6. Brainwell: free games and puzzles- This app includes brain teasers and mind tests to improve memory and focus. 

    7. SnapType-This app assists kids with staying on track with work in the classroom. 

    8. Looper- this visually appealing app works on rhythm and timing of motor movements. 

    9. Jigsaw Puzzle-This is a virtual puzzle game for visual closure and drag/drop skills. 

    Visual and Auditory Apps for Sensory Breaks that are FREE!

    1. Beat Box-This app provides auditory sensory breaks for kids who need lots of extra sound and noise to stay regulated and on track. 

    2. Fluidity-This app provides some awesome calming visual stimulation. 

    3. Drum Kit- This app is an auditory sensory break app. 

    4. I Hear Ewe- This one has 3 pages of picture cards that kids can tap to explore their sounds, like a sound guessing game. 

    5. Gloop-This is a visual stimulation app. Kids can move the "gloop" around the screen with their fingers and you can set it so that it changes color, and density. Virtual slime----and what kid doesn't like slime!


    Check out 


    For some more ideas on OT apps. 


    OT at home





    -Mrs. Mann

    happy and healthy

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  • OT Activities and crafts

    Posted by Emily Mann on 3/23/2020

    hello spring


    (That's what I'm told anyway....though at my house it's a little cold and dreary today)

    It also is hard when it's supposed to be "spring" but the weather is chilly and you have little ones that want to play outside or are a little cabin crazy....I know my oldest certainly is! I have been trying to get outside at least once a day to combat this, but I'm not sure if today we will make it into the great outdoors. 

    So with that in mind, I wanted to give you some links to some crafty indoor activities. Now, in true OT fashion before you begin your craft try and have your kiddos do some jumping jacks, cross crawls, or bird dog exercises to get their creativity really flowing (and to work on their bilateral coordination and crossing midline)

    So if you are like many people (myself may or may not be included in this) who stocked up on the ever elusive toilet paper then you may want to hold on to your toilet paper rolls. The links below are some cute and fun ideas to use creativity with something you already have in your home. These crafts also encourage fine motor precision, manual dexterity, and processing/planning--so they will be working on OT skills too!







    While we are on the subject of creating things, I came across this fidget craft that I wanted to share. This is an easy desk fidget object that would work on skills for OT while creating it, and also may assist with maintaining attention while working on school work while at home. 



    There is one more thing that I wanted to share with you today. On a cold day when you can't get outside and may not have a lot of crafting materials, or perhaps just need a change of pace, try making some homemade bread! Below, see the recipe that I use frequently to make some bread at home (the recipe is for one loaf, but I find that I can get two loaves out of it). I made this with my three year old earlier this morning. Baking is a great way to work on measuring skills, baking skills, reading and following directions, and hand strengthening while kneading the dough. The extra bonuses include: the yummy smell that will consume your home, a tangible (and delicious) reward for hard work, and pride for learning and trying something new!



    I hope you enjoy some, or all of these activities! Stay warm, Stay happy, and Stay Healthy!


    --Mrs. Mann


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  • Visual Perception

    Posted by Emily Mann on 3/19/2020


    Hello Again, 

          I hope everyone is staying happy, healthy, and finding ways to continue to keep their minds active and busy. 


    First, let me just give you all a shout out to say how amazing and resillient you all are! From our staff, to our families, our community, and of course our students. 

    people working together

    Second-I wanted to put some information and resources on here about visual perceptual skills for you all to check out whenever you have a spare moment. 


    Visual Perceptual skills are a key player in a lot of the learning process and sometimes can go unnoticed as it is not something that you can easily see. So first, let me encourage you to visit the website: http://eyecanlearn.com/

    This is a great resource for breaking down all the various aspects within Visual Perception, what they mean, and why they are important to not only the learning process, but to our every day lives. Not only does this website have detailed explainations of aspects of visual perception, it also provides activities that you can complete on the computer to improve upon each skill as well. I hope you find this website as helpful as I have! You will have to let me know what you think!!


    Some other ideas for activities that would improve some visual perceptual skills include:


    http://www.hellokids.com/c_30128/free-online-games/kids-puzzles-games/disney-princesses-online-puzzles/frozen (Online puzzles)


    -Hidden picture worksheets/activities https://www.highlightskids.com/games


    -"Out and About" I spy-Take a walk through town or your neighborhood and let your child spot the current number or letter that you are studying


    -"In the Pantry" I spy- Let your child find the current number or letter on the packaging of item in the pantry or even around the house. 


    -Use a shopping catalog or magazine and ask your chidl to point out objects that are a specific shape. You could even cut the items out and create a shape notebook. 


    For more ideas please check out these websites: 







    I hope that you find these activities and this information useful and helpful! 


    I will continue to put some more ideas for activities that will assist in improving skills towards learning. 


    Stay happy and healthy!

    reasons to be happy

    --Mrs. Mann

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  • Occupational Therapy at Home

    Posted by Emily Mann on 3/17/2020

    Hello Parents and Students, 


    I never imagined that I would be writing to you and sending you resources in this fashion. But, I think of something that I just recently read which was, "life is like riding a bicycle, to keep your balance, you must keep moving."


    Normally in our occupational therapy session at school we do some kind of a warm up. These warm ups are large motor, whole body, movements that are great for getting up and moving, challenging both sides of our brain, and engaging/preparing our brains for learning. These exercises are great for prior to starting a lesson, or when you need a brain break or a movement break when your working on an activity. 


    Sometimes taking a break every 20 minutes to perform a movement activity can be helpful to refocus and get some of those wiggles out. 


    I'm working on getting some pictures to assist with the exercises listed, so those will hopefully be available soon. For now a list of some of the large motor movement exercies that we do in OT include:

    1. jumping jacks

    2. Cross Crawls (bringing the right elbow to touch the left knee and vise versa)

    3. Ski jumps (in standing bring one foot in front of the other, note the leg that is in the front and bring the opposite side arm in front-Jump-and-switch)

    4. Bird dogs (while on hands and knees the left leg is lifted straight behind and the right arm is placed straight in front, hold for at least 2 seconds and then switch sides of the body---be careful not to use the same side arm and leg)

    5. Supermans (lay on your tummy, bring your arms straight out in front of you, and your legs straight behind you. Read...set...lift off! Raise your arms and legs off the floor, balancing on your belly, for at least a SLOW count to 5 (I know some of you like to count as fast as you can!!) Repeat the counts to 5 for at least 5 times, resting in between. 

    6. Mountain Climbers (Start with hands and feet on the floor, one leg extended out and the other tucked up underneath you, jump and switch legs. *Try to keep your bottom low to the ground)

    7. Donkey Kicks (Start in a hands and knees position. Keeping back and arms straight, kick one leg out straight behind you, holding for a count of 3. Return to hands and knees position and repeat on the other side.)

    8. Push ups and Wall push ups

    9. Squats (Start in a standing position with feet slightly apart. Squat down to the floor, as far as you can while keeping trunk upright and without losing balance. Stand back up.)

    10. Supine Flexion (lay on back with arms extended or crossed on chest. Curl head up off of the floor and flex hips and knees, curling up off of the floor. Hold as long as you can.)


    --If you could pick 3-5 of these exercises each day and complete each one 10 times that would really help to maintain your strenght, give you a great movement break, and challenge your skills and improve core strength, coordination, and motor planning. 


    These exercises and resources came from a website that I am a member of called, "Tools to Grow OT" 


    Please let me know if there is anything you would be interested in learning more of. I will try to link websites and provide new information. 


    Get moving as much as you can, play catch, jump rope, hula hoop, play basketball, or even just get outside and go for a walk or a scavenger hunt!


    riding a bike

    Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or concerns, I check my email regularly emann@frewsburgcsd.org


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