Supply List for Mrs. Spacht's Class: 2022-2023

    Be ready!

    **Many items can be reused from last year! Shop at home first! :) 

    • colored pencils (2 packs of 12 count pencils) (Crayola sharpen the best and last the longest!)

    • #2 pencils (about 20 pencils) (Ticonderoga sharpen best & last the longest!)

    • One pair of scissors that are comfortable for your student to use

    • Personal whiteboard (You might find these at the Dollar Tree for $1.25)

    • 4-5 dry erase markers thin tip, dark colors (EXPO lasts the longest & erases easily)

    • 3 glue sticks

    • 1 heavy-duty three ring binder (1 inch, any color, with a plastic cover insert on front)

    • 1 plastic pencil box to store pencils and daily use materials. These hold more supplies than the soft sided zip pouches.

    • 4 pens (2 blue, 2 red)

    • Earbuds or headphones with 1/8 size jack (check the dollar store)

    • Art Smock/old t-shirt labeled with the child’s name on the tag

    • Healthy daily snack- they can store this in their bin or backpack. Students are also welcome to bring in a bag or box of healthy snacks to share with the class.

    • Water bottle with flip top and/or straw, not a bottle that the student has to unscrew the lid to drink. These will be sent home weekly for cleaning.

    • 1 box of tissues to share with the class

    If you are able to donate any of the following to our classroom for use this year, it would be much appreciated!! 

    • Gallon, sandwich and snack size Ziplock bags

    • Extra colored pencils

    • Extra glue sticks

    • Blue painter’s tape (any width)

    • Plastic shopping bags (I know they’re a hot commodity, but if you have a few to spare, I would be eternally grateful!)

    • Extra tissue boxes