sun  May-Junesun


    The month of May is half over and therefore I decided to put information for the months of both May and June together!


    Because the weather is slowly starting to get warmer, I'm hoping that you all will be able to get outside and enjoy the weather while we have it. With that in mind the topic for these two months is about


    jumping rope

    Gross motor coordination is whole body movements that require the use of the larger muscles of the body, but also work in coordination with out vestibular system as well as require proprioceptive input (allows us to know where our body is in space and what it is doing)


    These skills are important for us to perform every day activities such as standing upright, walking, running, jumping, swimming, sitting upright at the table. It also includes eye hand coordination skills which are important for throwing, catching, kicking, as well as activities such as riding a bike or a scooter. 


    These larger motor movements are very important for tasks that we do every day, that seem some what simple, tasks such as standing on one leg to put our pants on, or getting into/out of bed everyday. Also, getting into/out of a car. These skills translate into every part of our daily lives and are important to make sure that we continue to strength our gross motor skills through an active life and play. 

    Please visit this website for additional information if interested Gross motor coordination


    Here are some ideas for Gross Motor Coordination skills you can do at home!

    1. Riding a bike

    2. Riding a scooter

    3. Swimming

    4. Hiking

    5. Playground play

    6. Climbing (rock wall, ladders, rope swing)

    7. Swinging

    (encourage new ways of swinging safely such as their belly on the swing or kneeling to improve core strengthening)

    8. Hopscotch

    9. Obstacle courses 

    (Can be made with rocks, logs, pool noodles, hoola hoops)

    10. Balance beam walking

    11. Dancing 

    12. Pretend play (galloping like a horse, tip toe, animal walks)

    13. Jumping on a tramopline

    14. Sports (soccer, basketball, football, baseball, etc.)

    15. Tag


    be active