• Welcome to Spanish Conversation and Culture, a year-long elective course. 


    Spanish Conversation and Culture will expose students to the many cultures that speak the Spanish language. Students will follow a project-based learning curriculum, learning thematic and regional Spanish vocabulary alongside lessons on cultures. This course will also include many hands-on lessons designed to provide a simulation experience of the cultures. 


    Do you know the 3 Ps of culture? Cultures consist of Products, Practices, and Perspectives. Our learning in this course will revolve around this idea and we learn about the products (items and concepts), practices (actions), and perspectives (underlying beliefs and values) of over 20 countries and regions.


    For class, students will need their school laptop and charger, a pen or a pencil, a 1/2 inch binder or folder with clasps, and headphones (earbuds preferred).


    To review the syllabus and get a jump start on classwork, please join on Google Classroom page (code: 3qczwdd).


    Parents, please use the Google Classroom page and eSchool to stay up to date on assignments and scores.