• 2021-2022



      (Mr. Skelton)

      ____ 2 Pocket Folder w/prongs (yellow) 

      ____ Box of tissues - optional extra credit                                   


      15:1 & 12:1:1 ELA 

      (Mrs. Butzer)

      ____ Pocket Folder (yellow)                                    

      ____ Package of Post-Its


      Math 7 & Acc. Math 7 

      (Mrs. Mole’)

      ____ 1-inch, 3-ring binder (red) w/ 5 Tab Dividers                               

      ____ TI-30XIIS Calculator 


      12:1:1 Math

      (Mrs. Kutschke)

      ____ 2-inch, 3-ring binder w/dividers - (red)                           

      ____ Package of 5 tab dividers

      ____ Box of Kleenex/Facial Tissues


      Social Studies 

      (Mr. Mayes)

      ____ 1 Plastic Pocket Folder (blue)

      ____ 1-inch, 3-ring binder (blue)

      ____ Package of 5 tab dividers


      12:1:1 Social Studies

      (Mrs. Butzer)

      ____ Pocket Folder (blue)

      ____ 1-inch, 3-ring binder (blue)

      ____ Package of 5 tab dividers


      15:1 and 12:1:1 Science 

      (Ms. Canon)

      ____ Plastic Pocket Folder w/ prongs (green)

      ____ Composition Notebook (any style/color)     



      (Mrs. Yost)

      ____ Plastic Pocket Folder w/ prongs (green)




      ____ 1-inch, 3-ring binder (any other color not used for another class)



      (Ms. Caldwell)

      ____ Plastic Pocket Folder w/ prongs (purple)

      ____ 1-inch, 3-ring binder (purple)

      ____ Package of 5 tab dividers



      (Mrs. Yahner)

      ____ Plastic Pocket Folder w/ prongs (orange)



      (Mrs. Sears)

      ____ Pocket Folder (any color/style not used for another class)



      ____ Folder/Binder for HW/Take Home  Work

         ✔    Agenda (supplied by the school)

      ____ Loose Leaf/Filler Paper

      ____ Locker Shelf

      ____ Earbuds/Headphones

      General Supplies:

      If your child could have their own pencil bag/pouch it would be extremely helpful since sharing of classroom supplies will be limited again this year.  As always, if there are any issues in getting supplies, please contact the school (716-569-7069) or Mrs. Yost for assistance.

      ____ Eraser

      ____ Blue or Black Pens

      ____ Highlighters

      ____ #2 Pencils / Mechanical Pencils

      ____ Colored Pencils

      ____ Glue Stick

      ____ Student Scissors


      **Note: Plastic folders seem to hold up much better than paper ones.

      **To help with organization, we use color coding for each subject.  Please try to buy the requested colors for notebooks, binders, folders, and book covers.  If you cannot find colored binders, you can buy the type with clear covers and insert a piece of colored paper.


      Math – red

      Careers - orange

      English – yellow

      Science – green

      Social Studies – blue

      Spanish - purple