Classroom Conduct

  • student

    -Follow basic courtesies towards peers/adults

    -Be prepared to participate in any class discussion of the material assigned

    -Be sure to ask questions, especially if you are having trouble understanding the material

    -Make good use of your time

    -Be sure to take advantage of extra credit opportunities given throughout the year

    -Make sure your device is charged, read to use, and brought to class daily. 

    -No gaming or working on homework for other classes on the device while in clasas.  If additional time is provided at the end of the class, students will work on homework or study vocabulary.

    -Be respectful of materials and clean up after yourself

    -No cellphone policy


  • 1.  Warning/Conference with Student

    2.  Seat Change

    3.  Parent Contact

    4.  Detention with Teacher

    5.  Referral to Administration


    NOTE:  If severe infraction, student may be sent directly to office.