School Year: 2021-2022


    Course Titles:

    Consultant Teacher – Algebra I

    Algebra I 15:1

    Math 7/8 15:1

    Math 7/8 1:12:1

    High School Life Skills

    General Math

    Learning Lab


    Teacher: Mrs. Kutschke


    Room #: 203


    Phone# with Extension:  716-569-9241   Extension #6203


    Email Address: lkutschke

    use the suffix: @frewsburgcsd.org


    Frewsburg Central School District Code of Conduct Statement:

    1. Student Responsibilities

    All district students have the responsibility to:

    Middle & High School (Gr. 7-12)

    1. Students’ Rights

    The Frewsburg School District students have all the rights afforded them by federal and state constitutions, statutes and regulations. The school reminds students that certain

    responsibilities accompany these rights.


    Each student will:

    1. Take part in all district activities on an equal basis regardless of race, sex, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, or disability;
    2. Have school rules and conditions available for review and, when necessary, explained by school personnel;
    3. Have the opportunity to present his/her version of the facts and circumstances leading to imposition of disciplinary sanctions to the professional staff member imposing such sanction;
    4. Be guided by a discipline policy that is fairly and consistently implemented. SEE ATTACHED ASSERTIVE DISCIPLINE POLICY


    1. Students’ Responsibilities

    Each student will:

    1. Accept responsibility for his/her actions;
    2. Contribute to maintaining a safe and orderly school environment that is conducive to learning and show respect to other persons and to property;
    3. Be familiar with and abide by all district policies, rules and regulations dealing with student conduct;
    4. Attend school every day, whether in class or remote instruction, unless legally excused and be in class, on time, and prepared to learn;
    5. Work to the best of ability in all academic and extracurricular pursuits and strive toward the highest level of achievement possible;
    6. Work to develop mechanisms to control his/her anger;
    7. Ask questions when they do not understand;
    8. Seek help from school personnel regarding rights, responsibilities and discipline;
    9. Dress appropriately for school and school functions;
    10. Conduct themselves as representatives of the district when participating in or attending school-sponsored extracurricular events and to hold themselves to the highest standards of conduct, demeanor, and sportsmanship;
    11. Respect the rights of others, including his/her right to secure an education in an environment that is orderly and disciplined; 
    12. Recognize that administrators, counselors, and teachers assume the role of a surrogate parent in matters of behavior and discipline when at school, as well as during any school sponsored activities; 
    13. Contribute toward establishing and maintaining atmospheres that generate mutual respect and dignity for all. Any student who believes that he/she is being subjected to bullying behavior, as well as any other person who has knowledge of or witnesses any possible occurrence of bullying, shall report the bullying to any staff member, building principal, or the confidential form found on the district website.


    Mrs. Kutschke’s Overview & Objectives:  


    Belief Statement

    I believe... 

    • everyone should be treated fairly, consistently, and with respect.
    • every student is important.
    • students deserve our best efforts.
    • in giving students the tools they need to become productive members of society.
    • that parents and guardians are an integral part of our team.
    • in producing life-long learners.
    • in providing a safe environment.
    • teamwork is the key to success.


    Preparation – In order to be an active member of any classroom community, students must come prepared to work each day.  This means they must have:

    1. All work completed
    2. Work turned in on time
    3. Materials they need to learn (pencils, pens, notebooks, binders, textbooks, laptops)
    4. Appropriate behavior throughout the class
    5. A diligent work ethic
    6. Responsible use of electronic devices

    Grading Policy/Explanation:

    Grades are given on assignments, with corrections possible for extra points, when offered by the teacher.  Failure to take advantage of this opportunity will result in the student receiving the original grade in the grade book.  Grades will be updated on Mondays.  All grades are based on a 100 point system.  Any questions regarding missing work or grades, please contact the teacher directly to set up a private time to meet.  For reference, please check your email for daily updates from Google Classroom and eSchool for assignment due dates and grades. 


    The following grade weights will be used for all of my classes:

    Homework/Classwork – 35%

    Tests/Quizzes – 35%

    Projects – 20%

    Participation – 10%


    In addition, to receive daily updates for your child’s class assignments and homework, please sign up for their classroom on Google Classroom.  Please make sure that you request information to be sent to you on a daily basis, this will ensure that you receive timely notifications.  For questions on enrollment, please email the teacher.


    Progress Reports - Will be available quarterly, along with the student’s report card.  If you have any questions regarding goals, please feel free to contact the teacher.

    Class Policy/Consequences:


    Homework – Homework is given on a limited basis, for reinforcement purposes only.  Much of the student’s work day is spent in active learning, so homework should not be necessary.  If the student needs extra work to understand a concept or because of parent request, homework must be completed and turned in the next class day.  If special circumstances prevent a student from completing work, please send the teacher an email or a note.


    Behavior – Any issues pertaining to behavior will be dealt with in a timely manner.  Students who do not adhere to the classroom or school rules will be sent to the principal’s office immediately and a behavior report will be filled out.  All efforts will be made to resolve the issue with the school administration.  When necessary, the parent will be contacted.  Also, students should be aware that if they feel that they are being bullied or have a problem that they need teacher intervention for, they should ask to speak directly to the teacher as soon as possible.  Every effort will be made to resolve the problem in a timely manner.


    Mrs. Kutschke’s Classroom Rules:

    1. Respect the Teacher and Classmates
    2. Follow Directions
    3. Keep Hands, Feet and Objects to Yourself
    4. No Swearing, Teasing or Name Calling
    5. Be In the Classroom When the Bell Rings
    6. Severe:  No Fighting, Threats or Verbal Abuse


    Attendance Policy – Attendance is required to obtain a complete understanding of each Regents level subject area. Therefore, each student should attend all classes, whether in class or during remote instruction.  This class will adhere to all attendance and tardy policies implemented by the Frewsburg Student Code of Conduct.  Please remember to submit a written note to the office and email the teacher if your student will be absent from school.  Please make every effort to attend school on a daily basis, whether your student is present in the classroom or receiving remote instruction.

    Class Materials:

    Students should attend class each day with any class textbooks, workbooks, laptops (fully charged), writing utensils or organization system necessary.  

    Student & Parent/Guardian Signatures:


    Student Signature


    Parent Signature