• Resource Room Rationale:

    The resource room is a place for students to come work on assignments and skills that are directly related to their Individualized Education Plan goals.  Often times, assignments given in class are related to and support the development of these skills.  We can work on these assignments and skills during resource room through reteaching and guided practice.  Resource room is NOT a study hall.  Students who do not have outside assignments related to these goals will be working on tasks related to the goals that I have designed.


    Classroom Expectations

    - Be on time and prepared to learn

    - Respect yourself, your peers, adults, and classrom

    - Always do your best work

    - BE KIND

    Consequences for Failling to Follow Expectations

    1. Warning

    2. Move Seats

    3. Removal from situation (another area, guidance, ISS, office, etc.)

    4. Discipline referral and/or call parent