Earth Science- The Physical Setting-A Regent's Course

Earth Science-What we be learnin!


    As you know, students are required to earn 1200minutes of satisfactory lab time in Earth Science.  If this threshold is not met, he/she will be ineligible to take the NYS Regent's Exam in June.  Check the progress reports to see if your child is ok.  There will be a comment informing you that Lab requirements HAVE NOT been met and that your student is unable to take the exam.  Please contact me with any questions.


    *Earth Science Supply List*

    -Big Binder w/dividers

    -Calculator (simple 4 function)

    -Index Cards (200)

    -Colored Pencils (12pack)

    -pens/pencils!!! :)

    -There may be times where I ask students to get supplies other than these depending on chosen labs and/or projects but these will be small purchases of $2-3

    Unit 1-Intro to Earth Science 

             - Measuring Earth

    Unit 2- Minerals

             -Rocks/Rock cycle

    Unit 3-  Weathering, Erosion, Deposition, and Landscapes

    Unit 4-  Earths Dynamic Crust

                -Plate Tectonics


    Unit 5-  Geologic Time

    Unit 6-  Energy 

    Unit 7-  Atmosphere and Weather 

    Unit 8-  Astronomy

                -Earth's place in space

                -beyond planet Earth