Programs and Services

  • 12:1:1 classroom can have up to 12 students with one teacher and one classroom aide. 
    12:1:3 classroom can have up to 12 students, one teacher, and 1 classroom aide for every 3 students. 
    8:1:1 classroom can have up to 8 students with one teacher and one classroom aide. 
    6:1:1 classroom can have up to 6 students with one teacher and one classroom aide.  

    Resource Room - This classroom can have a maximum of 5 students in it.  It is designed to help students build their skill levels and build their weaknesses into strengths.  It is supplementary instruction and focuses on the skills that they need to improve. 

    Consultant Teacher- This model allows a Special Education Teacher to work with identified students in the general education classrooms.  This allows students to access the general education curriculum along with their peers, but also gives them some individual support to help them succeed.  The special education teacher also works along with General Education Teachers to help support them in differentiating their instruction and modifying anything that is needed.

    Speech and Language Therapy- Speech and language services are offered here at Frewsburg Central School.  We currently have one Speech Language Pathologist who provide speech and language services. Speech Language Pathologists generally work on articulation concerns and both expressive and receptive language delays.

    Occupational Therapy- Occupational Therapy services are provided by a Licensed Registered Occupational Therapist.  Occupational Therapists work on fine motor skills, such as coloring, cutting, handwriting, picking up small objects, etc.  They also work on sensory motor issues when needed and visual motor as well as visual perceptual skills as well.

    Physical Therapy- Physical Therapy services are provided by Children's Educational Services with whom we contract.  Physical Therapists work on gross motor skills, such as hopping, skipping, jumping, walking up stairs, etc.  They also work on body mechanics, and building muscle strength.

    Counseling- Counseling is offered through our school. Counselors are available in each school building to address the needs of the students. 

    Behavioral Specialist- A Behavioral Support Specialist tries to identify underlying causes for behaviors.  This specialist can help the student, the parents, and the teachers.  The specialist can formulate a plan and give suggestions and techniques to try to help the child succeed.

    Parent Training and Counseling- Parent counseling and training means assisting parents in understanding the special needs of their child; providing parents with information about child development; and helping parents to acquire the necessary skills that will allow them to support the implementation of their child's individualized education program.