Skelton's Rules and Expectations

  • All Classrooms:  Rules and Expectations

    Be on time.

         This means in your seat with books out when the bell rings.

    Be prepared.

         Regular materials and notebook checks throughout the year.

    Be organized.

         Organization is the key to success.

    Be respectful.

         This includes respect for yourself, your teachers, and others.

    Be self-serving.

         Try helping yourself before I take the time to help you.

    Raise your hand.

         Pretty straightforward here.

    No food or drink.

         Nothing.  Nada.  Zero. 

    No agenda, no bathroom or nurse or other excuses to leave class.

         The agenda will be your pass for the year--always have it.

    Think about your words and your actions.

         What you say and what you do speak volumes about who you are.