Safety Policies and Practices

  • Students are required to wear sneakers and comfortable clothing for physical education.  Jewelry is not permitted in class.  Rules are provided for students in order to maintain safety and have consequences and rewards.


    1.       Walk into the gym

    2.      Listen and follow directions

    3.      Use equipment safely and properly

    4.      Respect others

    5.      Act Safely and under control

    6.      Do not enter the locker room without permission



    1.       Warning

    2.      Sit-out until ready for another try

    3.      Sit-out for the rest of class and fill out a “Think Sheet” that needs to be signed by a parent and returned

    4.      Office referral

    **This is not necessarily the order followed depending on the nature of the rule that was broken


    1.       Leadership opportunities

    2.      Help with equipment

    3.      Demonstrate Skills