Spanish 2

    Welcome to Spanish 2! This year you will be continuing your communicative skills in Spanish. Spanish 2 will be at least 90% in Spanish, as suggested by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages. This course is required to pursue an Advanced Regents Diploma in Frewsburg. 
    Some things we will work on this year include the ability communicate about things that happened in the past, to read and understand relevant articles in Spanish, and write responses to various topics. 
    There is A LOT of grammar in our curriculum; as a result, you should seek extra help if you find yourself struggling with any of the grammar topics. Additionally, we will be using a hybrid-flipped style for grammar instruction. Students will be expected to watch grammar videos at home, ahead of using the skills in the classroom. 
    Please join our Google Classroom (join code: cs42maq) for the syllabus, and check in regularly for assignments, grades, and extra credit opportunities. 


    • Folder or small binder with loose leaf paper and space for notes

      Writing utensils


      2-4 Dry Erase Whiteboard markers

    • Headphones (earbuds preferred)

      School-provided laptop, charged

      Stylus - not mandatory, but highly recommended