Links for Learning


    Here are just a few of my favorite websites we will use A LOT this year!  Many of them do require a login - username and password.  Your children will be using these sites on almost a daily basis once school starts so they will SOON be able to transfer that information and access the sites at home as well! 

    Along with websites and general internet skills I will address with them, we do many projects and school assignments on our laptops with Microsoft Office:  Word, Excel, and PowerPoint - and now GOOGLE slides, and GOOGLE classroom of course! 

    Often we will do weekly spelling words using bullet lists and numbered lists; later in the year we will type spelling words into complete sentences; we will create a table and type our spelling words into the tables & focus on columns and rows; and we will learn to format our font - color, size, style, underline/bold/italics, etc!

    These skills, among many other interesting things that cross my mind throughout the year will have a profound impact on your child's learning as I find it essential to incorporate and integrate technology into our curriculum!!  And, whenever I can find a way to do that - I will!!

    I can't wait!!!  I hope everyone looks forward to a fun, exciting, adventurous 1st grade school year!