English 12/JCC1510

  • English 12/JCC 1510

    Grade Level - 12                                 

    Level of Course - R

    Prerequisite – English 11 and JCC prerequisite requirements                  

    Credit – 1


    A new option exists for those students who meet the requirements for JCC prerequisites.  Students may work toward JCC 1510 Composition I course credit.  


    Students engage in the studies of English Language Arts in accordance with NYS standards for the commencement level. Students practice formal communications skills; in particular, they work on composition skills, research techniques, the MLA Research Paper, non-fiction writing, and oral communication. Students concentrate on the study of literature, exploring works from a variety of genres and literary periods. Studies are geared toward students who are entering college, and may even consider trade school, military, or the work force upon graduation.

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