Public Speaking


    Public Speaking

    Semester Course

    Grade Level: 10-12

    Level of Course: Elective 


    Credit: 1/2 FCS and 3 JCC college credits

    Course Description: Students will learn effective strategies for researching, preparing, and delivering informative and persuasive speeches to small groups. Students will be able to demonstrate methods for building confidence in speech delivery, supporting points with evidence, analyzing the audience, using media aids effectively, and refining delivery style.

    Course Student Learning Outcomes:

    After successful completion of this course, students will be able to:

    1. Identify the required steps in developing and presenting a solid presentation.
    2. Critique speech quality using critical thinking and active listening skills.
    3. Demonstrate the ability to confidently present an effective speech with supporting points of evidence in a variety of settings.
    4.  Students will demonstrate integrity and ethical decision making in the process of researching, preparing, and delivering informative and persuasive speeches.
    5. Students will demonstrate that they have considered diverse perspectives in the process of defining their audiences and in the delivery of speeches.

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