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     This is a great site that allows you to hear stories being read or read them yourself.  

    Stories Online


    MobyMax is a personalized learning website that includes 27 complete subjects covering all grades between kindergarten and eighth grade.

    My students love using MobyMax. The various subjects are so differentiated for their needs. We use MobyMax just about everyday and they can't wait!



    Typing club is a great way to practice the home row and learn the keyboard. This site has students typing, without looking at the keyboard.

    Typing Club


    I love EPIC! This site has so many features for students who love reading and learning about certain topics. The class code is MRI-6904. The kids truly ask all the time for this site.

    EPIC Stories


    This is a fun interactive educational site that makes learning fun with games. It has math, reading, science and social studies games.




    Math Fluency Practice

    XTRA Math