Frewsburg MS/HS


    Frewsburg Central School Physical Education Policy


    FCS Physical Education Department Greeting

                Greetings and welcome to the Frewsburg Central School Physical Education Program. There are several key policies which parents and students need to be aware of. Please read the enclosed document carefully. We welcome all students and look forward to a successful school year.


    I.      FCS Physical Education Goals

    1.       Maintain 90% participation of all physical education students

    2.       Maintain “Life Long” fitness standards and work towards achieving optimal health and wellness

    3.       Work towards achieving mastery of sport related skills

    4.       Develop an atmosphere which promotes character

    II.      FCS Grading Policy

    The FCS Physical Education Department has adopted a new Junior/Senior High grading policy as of the 2007-2008 school year. Daily class participation will be evaluated on a four point rubric system. Points will be accumulated and converted into a numerical average quarterly. A four quarter average of 65% or better is required to receive ½ credits per year. Graduation requires two full credits of Physical Education between the grades of 9 and 12. (see index below)


    Rubric Point System

    0 Points = Insufficient PE Attire, No Participation (0%)

    1 Point = Insufficient PE Attire, Participates (25%)

    2 Points = Sufficient PE Attire, “Minimal” Effort (50%)

    3 Points = Sufficient PE Attire, “Moderate” Effort (75%)

    4 Points = Sufficient PE Attire, “Exemplary” Effort (100%)


    Point Converstion

    A = 90%-100%

    B = 80%-89%

    C = 70%-79%

    D = 65%-69%

    F = Below 65%


    III.      FCS Participation Requirements

    Any student who has more than two unexcused absences (0’s) per quarter will be required to make classes up before the quarter ends. Make ups are rubric scaled at two points, or 50%. Failure to make up classes will result in a quarterly grade of 50%.

    Excused absences include but may not be limited to: absence from school, illness, injury, or school related functions. A parent/guardian written note must be submitted for all excused absences. Any extended absences of more than one week will require a physician’s excuse. Excused absences will not affect student’s grade.

    IV.      FCS Dress Policy

    Appropriate attire for physical education includes: shorts (mesh) or sweat pants, t-shirts or swear shirts, socks, and tie up sneakers. Students are required to dress appropriate for conditions during outdoor physical education units. Inappropriate attire as stated in the school handbook applies at all times.

    V.      FCS General Rules

    1.       All students are required to conduct themselves appropriately at all times

    2.       All students must be respectful to themselves, school staff, and classmates at all times

    3.       All students are recommended to bring a lock to lock their gym lockers during class only

    4.       Failure to adhere to these rules will result in disciplinary action