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  • Welcome to Mrs. Marzec's English Website

    Here you will find information for the following courses. Click on each pamphlet for more information regarding each course. For specific information on assignments, students should be using Google Classroom.

    11th Grade ELA: 11th Grade Information Pamphlet
    11th Advanced ELA/JCC ENG 1530:11th Grade ADV/1530 Information Pamphlet
    12th Advanced ELA/JCC ENG 1540:12th ADV/1540 Information Packet
    12th Grade ELA: 12th Grade Information Pamphlet

    - Binder or a Folder for Class Readings and Materials
    - White Lined Paper
    - Writing Utensils
    - Headphones (Highly Suggested: The school is limited on the number of headphones for student use)

    Please contact me using the following information:
    Lindsay Marzec, English Department Chairperson 
    Phone:(716)569-7000 ext 109
                use prefix: lmarzec