AIS Math Program

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    What is AIS?

    AIS stands for Academic Intervention Services.  Academic services are designed to help students who are struggling to achieve the Next Generation Learning Standards in Mathematics in grades K-12. 


    What is the purpose of AIS?

    The purpose of our AIS math program is to provide students who are at risk of not meeting the NYS Next Generation Mathematics Learning Standards with more teacher contact time to supplement and support the regular classroom program.  Students receive additional instruction and have an opportunity to practice their skills with close supervision.


    What is AIS Math?

    AIS Math is instruction designed to work on a student's weaknesses in the mathematics classroom.  The goals of the AIS math teacher are to identify and strengthen the student's weaknesses in math and to help the student be successful in their regular mathematics classroom.  The AIS math teacher also helps to prepare the student for the NYS math assessment given each year.  The AIS math teacher uses manipulatives and/or games to reinforce basic skills and concepts, and computer software to introduce and practice skills.  In addition, students also review and practice problem solving strategies and use real life situations that require the use of math skills, such as calculating sales tax, tip, interest, etc.


    What determines a student's need for AIS services?

    A variety of criteria are used to determine which students will be included in the AIS math program.  In grades K-2, a student's abilities are reviewed and services are provided as a preventative measure.  The goal of the program at this stage is to provide students, who may not be able to reach standards on their own, the skills that will help them do so in the future.  In grades 3-6, a student's results on the NYS Next Generation Mathematics Assessment and local assessments determine whether or not they receive AIS math services.  Students receiving a score of 2 or lower on the NYS Next Generation Mathematics Assessment qualify for AIS math services.


    As a parent, how will I be notified of my child's involvement in the AIS Math program?

    As part of the AIS program, parents receive letters and reports that keep them informed about their child's involvement in the AIS math program.  Parents are informed about a child's entrance or exit from the AIS program through a letter that indicates to the parents what the student's status is.  Parents of students who are in the program will receive a report from the AIS math teacher that outlines the student's progress for that trimester, as well as indicating what skill areas the child has worked on.  In addition, parents also have the opportunity to meet with the AIS math teacher for a conference at a mutually agreed upon time.


    When will my child receive AIS Math services?

    Students have contact with the AIS math teacher every day, in some cases every other day, for approximately 30 minutes a session.